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Educational Facilities  (See below for project references)


Selected K-12 Facilities

Clark County School District, Las Vegas

  • CCTV System Evaluation and Design(+): Adams Elementary, Advanced Technology Academy High Addition, Alamo Elementary, Allen Elementary, Antonello Elementary, Area Technical Trade Center, Bartlett Elementary, Basic High, Bass Elementary, Beatty Elementary, Becker Middle, Beckley Elementary, Bell Elementary, Bendorf Elementary, Bennett Elementary, Biltmore Alternative, Blue Diamond Elementary, Bonanza High Theater, Bonner Elementary, Booker Elementary, Boulder City High, Bowler Elementary,Bracken Elementary, Bridger Middle, Brinley Middle, Brookman Elementary, Brown Middle, Bruner Elementary, Bunker Elementary, Burkholder Middle, Cahlan Elementary, Cambeiro Elementary, Cannon Middle, Carson Elementary, Cartwright Elementary, Cashman Middle, Chaparral High, Christensen Elementary, Coronado High, Cortez Elementary, Cortney Middle Cox Elementary, Cozine Elementary, Craig Elementary, Cram Middle, Culley Elementary, Cunningham Elementary, Dailey Elementary, Darnell Elementary, Dearing Elementary, Decatur & Iron Mtn High, Decker Elementary, Del Webb Middle, Derfelt Elementary, Desert Rose Adult, Dondero Elementary, Dooley Elementary, Durango High Earl Elementary, Edwards Elementary, Eisenberg Elementary, Eldorado High School, Elizondo Elementary, Ferron Elementary, Fitzgerald Elementary, Fong Elementary, Foothill High, Fremont Middle, French Elementary, Fyfe Elementary, Galloway Elementary, Garehime Elementary, Garrett Middle, Garside Middle, Gehring Elementary, Gibson Elementary, Gilbert Elementary, Glen Taylor Elementary, Goldfarb Elementary, Goodsprings Elementary, Goolsby Elementary, Gragson Elementary, Gray Elementary, Green Valley High, Greenspun Middle, Griffith Elementary, Guinn Middle, Guy Elementary, Hancock Elementary, Harmon Elementary, Harney Middle, Harris Elementary, Hay Elementary, Heard Elementary, Heckelthorn Elementary, Herron Elementary, Hewetson Elementary, Hill Elementary, Hinman Elementary, Hoggard Elementary, Horizon High East, Horizon High North, Horizon High South, Horizon High West, Indian Springs Elementary, Jacobson Elementary, JD Smith Middle, Jefferson Alternative, Johnson Middle,  Jydstrup Elementary, Kahre Elementary, Katz Elementary, Kay Carl Elementary, Keller Middle, Kelly Elementary, Kesterson elementary, Kim Elementary, King Elementary, Knudson Middle, Lamping Elementary, Las Vegas Academy Theater, Laughlin High, Lawrence Middle, Leavitt Elementary, Lied Middle, Long Elementary, Lowman Elementary, Lummis Elementary, Lunt Elementary, Lynch Elementary, Lyon Middle, Mackey Elementary, Madison Elementary, Manch Elementary, Martin Luther King Elementary, Martinez Elementary, McCall Elementary, McCaw Elementary, McDoniel Elementary, McMillan Elementary, Mendoza Elementary, Miller Middle, Mitchell Elementary, Moapa Valley High, Molasky Middle, Monaco Middle, Moore Elementary, Morrow Elementary, Mountain View Elementary, Mt. Charleston Elementary, Neal Elementary, Newton Elementary, Ober Elementary, O'Callaghan Middle, Orr Middle, Perkins Elementary, Piggott Elementary, Pittman Elementary, Red Rock Elementary, Rhodes Elementary, Richard Bryan, Roberts Elementary, Robin Street Adult, Robison Middle, Roger Bryan, Rogich Middle, Ronnow Elementary, Rowe Elementary, Roy Martin Middle, Rundle Elementary, Sandy Valley, Sawyer Middle, Schofield Middle, Sedway Middle, Sewell Elementary, Sierra Vista High, Silverado High, Silverstri Middle, Smith Elementary, Smith Middle, Snyder Elementary, Squires Elementary, Stanford Elementary, Staton Elementary, Stewart Elementary, Sunrise Acres Elementary, Tate Elementary, Taylor Elementary, Thomas Elementary, Thorpe Elementary, Tobler Elementary, Tomiyasu Elementary, Treem Elementary, Twin Lakes Elementary, Ullom Elementary, Valley High, Vanderburg Elementary, Variety Elementary, Vegas Verde Elementary, Virgin Valley Elementary, Virgin Valley High, Von Tobel Middle, Ward Elementary, Warren Elementary, Washington Opportunity, Wengert Elementary, West Prep (K-12), White Middle, Whitney Elementary , Wilhelm Elementary, Woolley Elementary, Wynn Elementary. 
  • Advanced Technology Academy High School Addition(+)Intrusion Alarm, Fire Alarm Upgrade  
  • Antonello Elementary School(+) -  Exterior Lighting Renovation 
  • Basic High School(+) - Exterior Lighting, Exterior Upgrade NEC 2002 Update, Upgrade Parking Additional Services, Upgrade Parking Additional Services, Upgrade Parking Lot HID Fixtures
  • Bonanza High School Theater(+) - Complete M/E/P, Theater Audio System.
  • Bowler Elementary School(+) - HVAC system Upgrade, Kitchen remodel.
  • Brinley Middle School(+) - Interior Lighting Upgrade.
  • Brown Middle School(+) - Intrusion Alarm System upgrade.
  • Burkholder Middle School(+)New Construction, Replacement of entire school with MEP, LEED Certified
  • Cannon Middle School(+) - Exterior Lighting Upgrade, CCTV System, Intrusion Alarm System.
  • Centennial High School(+) Intrusion and Fire Alarm Upgrade.
  • Cheyenne High School(+) -  Exterior Lighting Upgrade
  • Cheyenne Transportation Yard(+)  - Intrusion Alarm / CCTV Systems
  • Cimarron Memorial High School(+) - Exterior Lighting Upgrade
  • Clark High School(+) - Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade.
  • Coronado High School(+) Intrusion and Fire Alarm Upgrade.
  • Diskin Elementary School(+) Intrusion and Fire Alarm Upgrade.
  • Desert Pines High School(+) - Bleacher Lighting, CCTV System, Office PA Systems
  • Duncan Elementary School(+) - New School Prototype
  • Durango High School(+) - Exterior Lighting Upgrade
  • East Career and Technical Academy(+) - New Construction MEP multi use, Transportation Building, Medical Professions Building, Student Center, Education Center.
  • Eldorado High School(+) - Intrusion System
  • Foothill High School(+) - Bleacher Lighting, Clock intercom, Instrusion, and Fire Alarm system upgrades
  • Green Valley High School(+) – Exterior Lighting upgrade
  • Jo Mackey Elementary(+)Intercom system upgrade
  • Jydstup Elementary School(+) Intrusion Alarm and LAN System Upgrade
  • Kata Elementary School(+)HVAC system upgrade, Data and Intrusion system upgrade
  • Knudson Middle School(+)Theater addition
  • Lake Elementary School(+) School remodel and addition.
  • Las Vegas High School(+) - Intrusion and CCTV system upgrade.
  • Laughlin High School(+)Exterior Site lighting Upgrade
  • Lummis Elementary School(+) - Intrusion System upgrade.
  • LV Academy and Performing Arts High School(+)Theater Lighting and Audio system upgrade (old theater).  Intrusion alarm Upgrade.
  • Las Vegas High School(+)Exterior lighting, Intrusion alarm and CCTV system upgrade.
  • Mackey Elementary School(+) – Data, Intercom System upgrade, Exterior Lighting Upgrade.
  • Mojave High School(+) – Exterior lighting upgrade, Intrusion and Fire Alaarm Upgrade.
  • NW Career and Technical Center(+)New technical school prototype.
  • Palo Verde High School(+) Intrusion and Fire Alarm Upgrade.
  • Rancho High School(+) - Exterior lighting upgrade.
  • Sierra Vista High School(+) Intrusion and Fire Alarm Upgrade.
  • Thiriot Elementary School(+) new school
  • Washington Elementary School(+) Intercom System upgrade.
  • Western High School(+) - New Construction, school multiple phased replacement.  MEP, Low Voltage.
  • Woodbury Middle School(+) Gymnasium lighting upgrade.  

       Nye County School District

  • Pahrump Valley High School(+) - School replacement and remodel of existing buildings.
  • Tonopah Middle School(+) - Gym support remodel and modernization.    





Washoe County School District, Reno

  • Billinghurst Middle School(+) Data System Upgrades
  • Mendive Middle School(+) Data System Upgrades
  • Obrien Middle School(+) Data System Upgrades
  • Reno High School(+) – Data System Upgrade

Selected Higher Education

College of Southern Nevada

  • Business Services(+) - Emergency lighting upgrade
  • Cheyenne Campus(+) - Automotive Technology Building
  • Cheyenne Campus June Whitley Student Center(+) - Lighting upgrade.
  • Charleston Campus(+) - Paint Booth

Nevada College

  • Basic and Water St. Campus, Phase 1 and 2(+)


University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

  • Science classroom remodel addition(+)
  • Dentist Office(+)
  • Greenspun College of Urban Affairs Solar Project(+)
  • Gaming Bar(+)



Selected Educational Administration Facilities

  • CCSD Board Room Remodel(+)

  • CCSD Channel 10(+) -  Lighting Upgrade, Studios Lighting Upgrade, and Generator study and addition.

  • Clark County Public Education Foundation(+) - Intrusion Alarm.

  • Koepsell Transportation Yard(+) - Intrusion and CCTV Systems Upgrade.

(†) Project(s) engineered/managed as HPA Consulting Engineers

(*) Project(s) engineered/managed by James Hougland while at RHR Consulting Engineers

(**) Project(s) engineered/managed by James Hougland while at MSA Engineering Consultants

(+) Project(s) engineered/managed by Karl Pils while at MSA Engineering Consultants

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